Its always nice to show my home town to people that visit Athens for a vacation photo shoot. People travelling to Athens want to go around the old city, in Plaka. Those beautiful small streets around the acropolis and feel the vibes of this ancient city. There are plenty of places to take photos, check out below to see some of my favorite places in Athens.

Justin and Vannia our touring Europe after their wedding, a honeymoon trip much expected. Their visit is Santorini was a life long dream, but Athens is equally interesting during their vacation. They wanted a vacation photo shoot in Athens to capture the moments, the photos to keep for a lifetime.

We visit most places either in the morning or evening when the light is more pleasing. You can choose 1 to 3 hours photo shoot in Athens, so you can have enough photos from your trip. Because Athens is visited by millions of tourists every year, booking in advance is recommended to secure your date.

We always communicate to discuss additional details, like photos expected, change of outfits etc. There are plenty of places to visit in a vacation photo shoot in Athens, some of my favorites are Plaka, Anafiotika, Areios Pagos, Filopapou, Koukaki. Get in touch to book your photo shoot in Athens!