Starting the day today with this gorgeous Athens Surprise Proposal! Watch how Bobby and Sam spent two wonderful days in Athens, when Bobby proposed to Sam and she said YES! This elaborate plan, set at Filopapou hill, overlooking the acropolis hill came out so beautiful. They both enjoyed so much, as well as the next day, as we planned an engagement photo shoot in Athens.

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Athens Surprise Proposal

Everything was set and a detail plan was put in motion as Bobby contacted me to set the proposal. He knew Sam would love the view to Acropolis and he always wanted the surprise proposal to happen during their travel in Athens, Greece. The idea was to meet them while they would walk up the Filopapou hill and stay with them as they moved towards the place we marked as the best site to have their Athens Surprise Proposal.

Everything went smooth, as Bobby knelled and popped the question! Sam was quick to say yes and they were quick to get emotional 🙂 The perfect place in Athens to be for such an occasion! We continued to have some much needed photos of their emotional moment that day.

Bobby planned and gave Sam one more gift. An engagement photo shoot in Athens the next day. A nice thing to do, as Sam got the rest of the day to plan, shop and get ready for the next day photo shoot. We strolled through Plaka (Athens old city), its colorful city streets and a small hill overlooking the acropolis. It was a great two days that gave the couple memories for a lifetime.

Thank you Bobby and Sam for those wonderful moments, congratulations on your engagement, wishing you a happy life together!