With Nikolas and Eirini, we worked out an Athens engagement photo shoot in central city, in order to produce images they could use as a couple on their wedding day. We enjoyed so much that it was decided a selection of the following images to be presented via a slideshow during their wedding entrance at the reception. I love when i get to create photos that people will cherish for a lifetime!

Most of the times this is excellent for me too, as i get to work with the couple before their wedding day. Usually this quality time, breaks the ice during their wedding day! Typically in an engagement shoot in Athens i would work with the couple to have some shots in the old city. Athens being an ancient city, and with the massive architecture we decided on having the acropolis as a backdrop to the photos!

The actual day, the plan was pretty easy, we would start early morning, with a view to the Acropolis and walk our way thru Plaka and Anafiotika, in central Athens. Magnificent places in old city of Athens, provide unique backgrounds. The view of Acropolis from Filopapou hill is so beautiful, we could have ended our day there and still produce excellent images. Plaka is a colorful neighborhood and Anafiotika resemble to Aegean style architecture.

Athens Engagement photo shoot in central city